How to find the best dress silhouette for your body type

Wedding dress shopping, oh, where to start! First of all, as a bride, you should aim at the best version of your wedding day. In addition to your smile and the bride’s light, your clothes will be front and center. We all have different body types, which is why it is so important that the beginning of the wedding dress shopping process is different from the understanding of its body shape, and their best work. Here is a quick and easy guide for Brad to break the contours of a variety of wedding dresses!

Wedding silhouette


Sketch Credits: Dress: Angel Rivera, a line: Reem Arca in the blog of the wedding bells, change font Pricilla Boston, trumpet: couture, Mermaid: Clare, Inc. in bridesfinds, sheath: Orlando magazine, the tea length: wedding, mini: Annette.

Dress: “fairy tale” clothes, and the upper part of the body, the skirt waist trousers. Most of the body type is ideal, but looks great on the pear, as it hides the lower body. For small is not good; skirt can override a small box.

Karelina wedding style c7602

Bridal gown by Karelina

A line: upper body through the waist and out of the ground, like a capital of the “A” suitable for all types of profile.

Australian style d1369 essence


Left: the essence of Australian clothing

Improved A line: installed on the bodice and buttocks gradually expanded, forming a “A” shape. An improved A skirt is more suitable than the traditional line close to the body of the skirt. Ideal for all body types.

C307 Anjolique classic style

Left: clothes Anjolique

Trumpet: for through the central body and bellbottoms thigh. Cutting is an improved A word skirt and cut between the mermaid. Ideal for small waist frames, such as the hourglass, banana, and small. Pears and apples are not good, because it highlights the belly and hips.

Martina vine clothes

Mermaid: put on the body, from the chest to the knee, and then play out to close to the knee. The slim frame and the hourglass are ideal for body type, who are willing to show off their curves. Bad apples, plus the size of the body type.

Always be your wedding style 4900

Left: the clothes is always your bridesmaids.

Sheath: narrow shape, straight from the neckline to hem flow. An ideal lean framework, such as a small banana. In the hourglass who would like to show their curves are also very good. Pear is not good; the sheath will add extra inches and can be blunt.

Mischkqa Badgley style Bess

Through Mischka Badgley dress

Length of tea: skirt between the ankle and the knee. Ideal for all body types.

Oleg Cassini

Oleg in David’s wedding dress

The mini skirt falls on the knee. Ideal banana. Bad plus size.

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